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Desmos-like desktop application #1

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Lukas Gaucas
·Jun 12, 2022·

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Writing this Desmos-like desktop app I will repeat JavaScript course from scratch, as well as touching pre-algebra in JavaScript syntax . I'll guess the best way to learn something, do yours on the basis of something that already exists as simple as possible but interactive as what JS is meant for .

If you know Desmos, you know what I am doing . I 've got started learning linear algebra in deep, starting with pre-algebra & functional graphs , I've decided to implement into Electron.js cause I love its native IPC . Initially I made application to have a chromium print preview vibe , when added a base functionality for .printToPDF (some functionality seems a way bit buggy, but default printing works just fine, I can think how hard Electron.js team is working right now) , added page orientation that required manipulations with media queries in a subtle manner , but most importantly 2dCanvas based responsive grid with respect to Device Pixel Ratio (DPR) . A long journey waiting upfront, but I know what I am seeking for : show functions graphically as well as exposing code base along-side , similar to solo-learn app approach .

In terms of monolithic View (React / Vue / Svelte p.s. I love Svelte) I've chosen modular GUI approach implementing into my app , GUI called "tweakpane.js" , well at least for now whilst into development mode ...

Short-demo (home quality)


  • Draw arrows for x & y coordinates, code a rule(r) , etc.

  • Integrate SVG.js library (AND native Observer library OR an existing one such as utilizing Redux API)

  • Connect Redux (or relevant) store with MongoDB Atlas (Realm?) instance

  • [...]

If you have any ideas, leave a comment below . Would appreciate that , see you in the next one !

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